A sample of what to expect in music in 2013

We’re freshly into the New Year therefore everyone (including us here at Pampelmoose) would like to share some of the new sounds you should be looking out for in the up-coming months. So here’s our top 13 that we predict will make 2013 POP! Here’s our list:

LION BABE – TREAT ME LIKE FIRE from lion babe on Vimeo.

#1 Lion Babe, a fresh brooklyn duo who’s sound is an intoxicating mix of R&B and Electronic. This is the only song that they’ve released but personally I’m so impressed that I cannot wait to see what they’re doing with their upcoming EP.

#2 S O H N  is honestly somewhat of a mystery. The British artists dropped a bomb on the music scene by releasing The Wheel mid 2012 and just this past month played his FIRST live gig. A good basis of electronic sounds melding together with his soothing high-pitched soulful voice. Think How to Dress Well but less winey/hipster and just all around soothing music. With sounds like The Wheel, it’s hard not to have grave expectations for S O H N this year.

#3 Rhye

This Electronic duo from the UK, caused a scene with their tantalizing single The Fall. The song made multiple “Top Songs of 2012″ lists and for good reason. Just listen and you’ll find out why.

#4 Joey Bada$$

This kid is 17. His rhymes are smooth, relevant and it’s not Trap. What more do you want? He saw some love this past year with his most recent mixtapes Rejex and 1999 but we see 2013 as being a good year for Joey to really show us what hes got up his sleeve.

#5 Flume

This young Aussie producer is considered one of the most promising acts of 2013. His music is catchy, electronic and just poppy enough that it can be enjoyed by many different music tastes. If I don’t say so myself…I’d really just check out most of the album here. This will be one of those artists you’d want say you saw sooner then later.

#6 Elliphant

Remember when M.I.A. was the new hott thing and you couldn’t get enough of her? Well Now you can feel that way once again, with Stockholm native Elliphant. It’s like if peaches, M.I.A. and Diplo had a child…Give it 4 months and this EP will be everywhere.

#7 Little Green Cars

Thanks to bands such as Alt-J, it is now trendy to harmonize. On that note I’d like to introduce you to this five piece dublin band, Little Green Cars, who’s harmonizing is as captivating as their catchy melodies.

#8 The Orwells

With the huge wave of electronic and hip hop sounds taking president on music blogs, I really feel it’s about time that just pure rock N’ Roll comes back into the picture. The Orwells are five kids out of the burbs of Illinois that have seemed to make quite an impact at festivals such as CMJ and SXSW. Their last album consisted of a lot of droney rock with scattered moments of yelling…perfect for listening when wearing your doc’s or favorite flannel.

#9 Lips

Compared to the likes of Little Dragon, Lips provides an fresh perspective to the indie scene. Their music is soothing and the perfect way to complete a calming mood.

#10 LuLu James

2013 is a continuation for female artists on top. LuLu James is a powerhouse soulstress from the UK, whose mix of melodic abilities with heavier electronic beats are unique and quite breathtaking.

#11 Onuinu

Think Animal Collective meets Dam Funk meets some catchy indie band. That last sentence was kind of silly but honestly this kid has mad talent. With singles like Always Awkward and Happy Home you can’t not want to dance your ass off.

#12 Shelter Point

So there’s this whole indie R&B scene happening currently in music, it’s so popular that there are now entire blogs dedicated to this genre. A new up & comer for this style is Shelter Point, they have seducing voices and catchy electronic beats. Not a bad combo for a lovely afternoon with your significant other.


Imagine if the Legendary Z Boys were a band…and you’re picturing FIDLAR. They’ve gotten buzz from multiple blogs and festivals but expect to see so much more from them this year. Check out the streaming of their upcoming album here and GET ROWDY.


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