Noah and Nathan Rice, a short film and some Brian Eno

At this First Thursday event in Portland, Or, held at the studio of I came across this film by the artists Noah and Nathan Rice. The film was shown as part of their art opening “Doubts About My Faith in the Color of Emeralds” and was done in collaboration with Rory Magnus and Ben Carey.

My video of their video has resulted in a kind of mashup as the original music soundtrack to the film was lost amongst the loud chatter of the attendees and also the clinking of glasses and bottles. It sounded awful so I messed around with some different music tracks until I settled on “Events In Dense Fog” by Brian Eno. Ironically, the album the song comes from is called “Music For Films.”

I encourage you to seek out the complete film and watch it as it is rather beautiful.


Update: From Rory Magnus

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