Pampelmoose Picks For The Week Of January 8th

Lymbyc Systym

Lymbyc Systym – Friday @ Mississippi Studios
For a two-man band, Lymbyc Systym can sure make a noise like they are being backed up by a phalanx of musicians and personalities. But, on stage and on record, it is just Jared and Mike Bell, brothers raised in Arizona and now splitting their time between the music hubs of Brooklyn and Austin. If one of those places of residence has impacted their sound the most, it would likely be Brooklyn, as the two show off a massive array of dramatic dance beats (most courtesy of Mike, who plays live percussion) which Jared embellishes on with scurrying bits of sound and brash moments that echo both fellow instrumentalists Explosions In The Sky and Autechre’s more immersing moments. It’s as much fun picking apart the layers of each song mentally as it is losing your body in dancing to it.

Bhob Rainey – Sunday @ The Wail
Fans of the psych pop scene might recognize Bhob Rainey’s name as associated with former Galaxie 500 members Damon & Naomi, as he is their orchestral arranger for their recording sessions and plays saxophone for them in concert. Left to his own devices, Rainey creates his own webs of sound using his sax, electronics and his own devilish imagination. The result can come out as either the processed skronk of a saxophone mixed with lightning flashes of noise, or the low groan of a reel to reel player as it dies trying to play a tape. Rainey will be performing on his own, as well as collaborating with a group of local improvisational musicians.

Neighborhood Stars – Monday @ Dunes
Neighborhood Stars calls to mind vaunted NW bands like godheadSilo and Karp who stuck close to the indie scene of Olympia but gave their songs a metallic sheen that – in the hands of groups like Mastodon and Kylesa – is getting much more attention now than it ever did with those aforementioned groups were around. This duo adds that extra overmodulated punch to the proceedings, ensuring that every song they lay down has the ugly rumble of having been recorded on a Tascam 8-Track that has been kicked down the stairs a few too many times. God knows, that could very well be the case.

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