An Open Letter from OK Go to its Fans and EMI – Update

OK GO YouTube Embed Fiasco

In response to EMI banning their YouTube video from being embedded on other sites, OK Go, a band that found huge success [49+ million views] with this video on YouTube, has written an open letter.

Their problems with their label sort of validates this.

[Second Update 1/22/2010] I was wrong it appears – no scam. Everyone back to what you were doing….
Here’s the link to the video remix project. I should do one as a mea culpa…

[Update 1/22/2010] I’m now beginning to think that the open letter was just a scam to get attention. I received an email this morning from a publicist that doesn’t mention the band’s so-called tiff with EMI. It only mentions that OK Go have a YouTube video remix promotion…no link from me as I smell a rat, you’ll have to find it yourselves – if you care.

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