Pampelmoose Picks For The Week Of July 10th

Tiny Vipers

Tiny Vipers – Friday @ Aladdin Theater
She can be called a folk artist, but to do is to limit Jesy Fortino’s (pictured) distinct vision. Recording under the name Tiny Vipers, Fortino–armed with little more than an acoustic guitar, a few pedals and her haunting voice–lets her songs breathe free of any genre restrictions. She stretches out, getting comfortable with long instrumental sections and understated daubs of lyrical color. They aren’t tunes that you will be humming for weeks afterwards, but they will stick with you.

Prince Vs. Michael Jackson Party! – Saturday @ Someday Lounge
Now that the media circus is starting subside and the news cycle is ready to move on to other matters, it’s the perfect time to really dig into the work of the late Michael Jackson. This show promises that and more, as two DJs put the work of The Gloved One up against arguably the only African-American artist whose work/legacy could compare: Prince. Don’t go into this fun event with your preconceptions in place. Let the grooves and melodies guide you towards your answer.

Kode9 – Saturday @ Branx
Grime and its equally gritty offshoot dubstep are both dominating UK clubs right now, just as they are gaining some leverage here in the States. One of the preeminent voices behind this dance music charge is Kode9, the London-based producer and owner of the influential label Hyperdub (home of Burial, The Bug and Zomby). His music, of late, has leaned more heavily on the dub end of his chosen genre’s moniker. But it is as dirty and danceable as ever.

Tune-Yards – Wednesday @ Holocene
There’s a whimsical quality to the music that the young woman named Merrill releases under the name Tune-Yards that immediately endeared it to me. Subsequent listens to her album Bird-Brains have revealed a true pop tunesmith if there ever was one. Sure, it likes to stay hidden behind sheets of ambient noise and odd clattering bits of percussion but the oblique, catchy melodies are there and they are fantastic.

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