Arizona, A Smart Band Using the Internet Very Wisely – Exclusive Video

Arizona send a Message From The Road – and A New Song Exclusive from Dave Allen on Vimeo.

As I have already written here, I discovered a fine new band [new to me anyway] when I attended Pop Asheville a few weeks ago as the Keynote speaker. Arizona is that band and I am looking forward to seeing them perform here in Portland on Tuesday, Feb 3rd at the Wonder Ballroom. They are currently on the road heading up from California and today they sent me an exclusive video and MP3 of a new, unreleased song.

All too often, when I attend conferences and seminars, I hear bands and artists complaining about how difficult it is to break out these days. I certainly have a sympathetic ear for this P.O.V. but then I get a nagging feeling that the real honest response to that complaint is to respond by saying – don’t give up the day job. If you’re not up to the travails of making it as a musician then it’s time to stop.

Now, I’m not certain what it is that makes Arizona stand apart from the herd or what drives them to hit the road in a van, but I think many bands like them would do well to notice and learn how they are building on a chance meeting with me and turning it into a great opportunity. And it’s real simple:

I interviewed lead singer Ben on video for the Moose blog. After I posted the video I said I’d soon be posting part 2 and then I got a call from Ben from the road [in this video he is actually talking to me on the phone]. He said thanks etc but also said that he and the band wanted to send me an exclusive video and MP3. They have a new unreleased song, Where Is Wallace, and they decided that during a sound check they’d film and record the song and send it to me for posting. Smart boys. They got my attention and some prime time on the Moose, I get an exclusive video and MP3. A win/win if you ask me.

The band has made it clear to me that you can happily embed the video on your blog, FBook or MySpace and the MP3 is for download too.

Arizona – Where is Wallace? [Unreleased song]

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