MSNBC – Listen up! Music is everywhere on the Web

MSNBC ran a story today on online music, how to find it, how to listen to it and of course the best music blogs – and yes The Moose gets the honors…. It’s interesting that the article’s subtext is about finding music in hard economic times…here’s an extract.

MSNBC Music Blogs Pampelmoose
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“When Washington state publicist Kaytea McIntosh, 29, wants to find out what’s new in the world of indie, she hits the blogs. McIntosh, who founded the company xo publicity, says she keeps current and stays economical by taking advantage of the free MP3 downloads offered by blogs like the trendsetting Brooklyn Vegan, Daytrotter and Pampelmoose (run by former Gang of Four member Dave Allen). Largehearted Boy, Stereogum, My Old Kentucky Blog and Gowhere Hip Hop are also great free music destinations.

If you can’t be bothered to comb through music blogs, you can hit up the Hype Machine, an aggregator that collects the MP3s they post. MX Play, which bills itself as “the first social media player,” does much the same, but also with videos.

Speaking of social networking, there’s also MySpace, which is outgrowing its origins as a gathering place for exhibitionists and morphing into a music destination. Recently, it premiered the new CD by the Japanese new wave band the Polysics and offered streaming of the new Pussycat Dolls CD (well, so much for breaking out of that exhibitionist thing).

For the past few years, dedicated free sites like Last FM, Pure Volume and Garageband have been the places to go to stream emerging artists, while Pandora is where your (semi) cool uncle gets his fix of Bruce Springsteen. That may be changing.”

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