pdx pop now!, a sort of recap

Another PDX POP NOW! is ‘in the can’. Once again it came, it saw, it kicked our ass.

I took some behind the scenes pics on Saturday and Sunday. Also, here’s a group of ‘POP’ pics I put together (for you, baby), including the one above of Fist Fite‘s Jonnie Monroe. Aw Yeah. She kicks out the PWRFL keyboard jams and still finds time to make CUTE POP PIX.

I’ll spare you my verbage regarding the weekend whirlwind of sweet Portland musical artists, junk foods, and how many people I hassled into posing in front of that wall that said ‘POP’ on it. I don’t have the energy to type, I need to get to work in a half hour, and frankly, I think these peeps have it covered:

There’s a shit-ton of blogging about PDX POP 08′ hap-nin’ on urban honking. Seriously. >>>>WOW<<<<.

The Portland Mercury did a snazzy fest preview.

Also, Localcut‘s Michael Mannheimer has detailed reports of days two and one.

ONLY 352 days ’till PDX POP NOW 2009!!!

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