portland recycles its old recycling containers

What do you say, Portlanders? We’ve got some fancy new containers but what are we going to do with all those leftover yellow plastic bins? One container can be used for glass, as everything else gets tossed into the new blue thingy with the wheels, but what about the rest of the yellow containers? Where do THEY go? Being that we are one of the leading green cities of the world, surely we should be able to think of something more creative to do with them then simply tie them together like plastic sausage links and float them across the river to our brothers and sisters in Vancouver, Washington.

So what do YOU think we should do with all the extra yellow bins? Whoever comes up with the best idea should win some sort of new Pampelmoose prize that we invent just for you. Hm. We need a good prize. I don’t know…perhaps…the 563 promo cd’s settling on Dave’s desk right now? Yes…you could recycle them for him! I mean, how long could it possibly take to shred 563 cd’s?

As for me, I vote for building a big yellow Qbert environment in the middle of Pioneer Courthouse Square. Yes…that would be awesome. Now gimme my 563 cd’s!

Posted by Jon Ragel

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