amazon’s jeff bezos on the future of music

Jeff Bezos Amazon MP3 Downloads

The music business is changing rapidly. What do you think is going to happen? “Well, long term, it doesn’t make sense for music to be distributed on physical media. That transition has been going on for seven years and probably will continue for a number of years.”

Was Amazon late to the game in online music sales? “Well, certainly, you know, there’s a very big player in that space, and they’re doing very well.”

And who would that be? “I’m not sure. I forget. [Laughter] I have a list somewhere in my office. But we’ve worked for three years in ways that it’s hard for outsiders to see. We didn’t want to launch a music service that wasn’t based on the MP3 format. The iPod has such significant share. Otherwise, we would visualize the bullet points about our service, and we could have all these great points and then the last bullet point would have to be, “Oh, and it won’t play on your iPod.” So our patience has paid off in that regard. We now have a service that will play with any device.”

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