fall of snow

Click the image to watch the video of It’s Not Right

Readers may have noticed that Josh K lost his mind earlier this week and threw open the Moose doors to submissions from bands and musicians who have gone unheeded or unheard and maybe downright unheralded….well I am to blame as I did suggest it as a good idea I just didn’t think that he’d post it up right away. The Moose box is filling up and there have been some tasty morsels among them.

Yesterday I got an email from Stephanie who plays out under the Fall of Snow moniker. I’m not sure if the submissions post spurred her to contact me but I’m glad she did as Fall of Snow is an interesting musical project. I’ll let Stephanie describe her own music – “I play a Telecaster running through a pedal board – lots of loops, delays, samples, what not. Also sing and play percussion on top of that. Darkwave/moody a la azure ray, depeche mode, pj harvey.” Check out the video for ‘It’s Not Right’ above, shot on her Mac…

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