It’s a complicated relationship.

It’s no secret I have a Twelve Step problem with karaoke. It’s common knowledge – like gravity.

I can’t stop myself from doing it even though – TOTALLY THOUGH – I am horribly embarrassed for days afterward. I’ll be going about my day in the usual fashion….curing cancer, forging my own suit of armor, long division, maybe some fractions… and then faster than you can say Emeril Lagasse, someone hands me 4 drinks and I’m off like a shot to the nearest microphone.

This usually turns out awesome. And terrible. Both.

Thus, this Saturday I am pleased to announce I will be way too busy doing MFNW things (YACHT!) to attend the Chopsticks 9th Annual Stache Bash. This, of course, does not mean you shouldn’t go. By all means, enjoy yourself. Oil up your ironic mustache and make it happen. I just won’t be there. Maybe.

And come Monday morning I will be able to face myself in the mirror and say “I probably might not have almost completely humiliated myself this weekend. I think.”

I am so proud of future me.


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