ning, the new, new thing

portland networking

Other than hitting up the Guest Room gallery on Friday night to see Heidi Kirkpatrick’s amazing new work, and wondering what the Mountain Goats were all about on Saturday at the Doug Fir, I spent the weekend trawling the web. And that’s when I found ning. Ning, is the latest venture of the Netscape co-creator Marc Andreessen, who believes that social networks will soon be as ubiquitous as regular Web sites. Ning has the tools to let ordinary people, large companies and even presidential candidates create social Web sites tailored to their own customers, friends, fans and general hangers on…..
So I built one. I named it Indie PDX and you can access it here – Indie PDX – and I encourage anyone who would like to post pictures, videos, music, rants, shows etc etc to join my network. It’s not MySpace or FaceBook, it can be yours.


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